Having One Company Providing All Your Services: Today's Only Real Bargain

  • 2016/06/27 09:23
  • Mike

What a world we live in! We, humans, used to love nothing more than to boast about how much something cost, but the Waitrose shoppers amongst us now cannot wait to tell the world about our frequent adventures in Lidl. There are online communities who love nothing better than to tell us that you can get 50 cans of non-brand cola for a couple of quid, and we sicken ourselves guzzling the wretched stuff because it was obviously such a must-have bargain!

Yes, it's great getting a cheap flight with EasyJet, a room for a few nights through Airbnb – and that's fine for a two week holiday. But what about the day-to-day running of our businesses? Are we really making such great savings when one company supplies our Broadband, another one provides our IT Support, another one is in charge of our Client Management Software/IT Consultancy/Phone System/whatever?

When DVDs first came out you could make great savings, buying one here and another somewhere else... and then the Amazon effect! It's a no brainer: Amazon are always there or thereabouts on price, we've already bought from them before so it's a one click ordering process, and the goods arrive the next day! Why go elsewhere?

Another no brainer is having one company providing all your services: Broadband, IT Support, Client Management Software, IT Consultancy, Phone System... everything! The benefits in doing so are as follows:

One point of contact – You instinctively know who to contact, as opposed to hunting for that scrawl which is somewhere on a post-it note.
One company to trust – Liaising with the same team quickly establishes trust. In addition, as we get to know one and other, we are best placed to help your business grow.
One monthly bill – Can you really be bothered juggling a million and one different bills and payment dates?
Support team – Using only one company affords you the luxury of having a support team who understand everything about your organisation (and there's no "blaming" other organisations involved).
Part of your team – We seamlessly become part of your team, working with you towards that same end goal, as opposed to being some unknown random person at the end of the phone.

Remember a bargain is only a bargain if you actually needed it in the first place. It's easy to be upsold many different products from many different providers, none of which actually give us what we want and/or need. We, at TurnKey I.T Solutions, recognise this and in providing you with all your services, specifically tailored to your own exact needs, you can get on with what you do best – your day-to-day business!

Having one company providing all your services is today's only real bargain.

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