Office 365: Definitely not just an update!

  • 16/03/2016
  • Mike

Is it really 25+ years since Bill Gates announced the beginning of the go-to business application, Microsoft Office? Hard to believe, but yes small businesses have been depending on the might of Microsoft Office for what seems like forever.

So what is Office 365? When did we suddenly jump to “365”?!?! Is there some new update that small businesses have missed out on?

Saving Time and Money with Office 365

Office 365 is essentially the ability to work anywhere, any time, on any device. You are no longer restricted to desktop PC access, Office 365 lets you create, edit and share those “oh so familiar” Office applications (and they will always be the latest versions) from your PC or Mac, tablet or phone.

Office 365 is a subscription based cloud application. Number one… You effectively only pay for what you use by paying a predictable (but very cost effective) monthly subscription. Number two… A cloud based application means that you do not need to stump up the initial cost and ongoing maintenance costs of on-site servers. Number three… It reduces the work and costs involved in managing the IT infrastructure of a small business. Number four… No more managing software licenses or worrying about securing your IT systems. Number five… The time saving in always being able to locate specific documents could in itself be astronomical over time! How many minutes/hours have you lost just trying to “find” something?

Collaborating with Office 365

The real beauty of Office 365 is its ability to bring your whole business together… When did you last manage to get hold of everyone on your team on the phone? Get a timely response to an email from everyone on your team? Even get your team together in the same room for a meeting? Office 365 ensures that you and your team can collaborate on various documents in real-time with no restriction as to what device they are using or where they are situated. The files are always available either via the web or through the Office 365 apps. Skype for Business is also integrated so there is no need to send one single email. You can arrange a quick video conference or instant message til your heart's content!

In addition, those of you having to travel long distances for client meetings or becoming increasingly embroiled in lengthy email exchanges can now replace face to face meetings with quick and easy web conferences. Office 365 gives you that edge your competitors don't have (yet).

Office 365 is great for small businesses and will save you both time and money. Office 365 affords small businesses the luxury of being able to work on and grow their own business without the worry of having to keep something which is normally outside their remit (their IT infrastructure) up to date. Office 365 is revolutionary, but the icing on the cake is that here at TurnKey IT we can make the transition even more seamless for your business!

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​How to avoid online scams!

  • 22/12/2015
  • Paris

Christmas is around the corner (and January sales!!), the last thing you need on your plate is a scam that results in a loss of money. Scams are fraudulent scheme that are used to con people out of money or trick them into giving out their personal details. These scammers have grown with technology and are now even sneakier and harder to detect, therefore we have come up with a few tips to try and avoid this!

  • Always check the person/company that have contacted you, are who they claim to be. Scammers often use existing companies to make the scam seem more ‘legit.’ Fake bank or Apple emails saying you need to re-verify your account details, commonly known as ‘phishing’. If this does happen, you shouldn’t give any details but should contact your bank or the companies directly and ask them if they have contacted you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  • If you decide to donate to a charity- charities are often promoted more around the festive season or if there’s a sudden disaster. Most people wouldn’t expect it from a charity- but you have to remember they can be used as a mask to disguise the fraud. In this case you need to make sure the charity is registered and it’s also worth look into where the money is going to ensure it’s reaching the cause that you want it to.

  • Don’t open emails or links that make claims about winning cash or prizes; 9 times out of 10 these are scams. If they ask you to call a number to claim your prize or to find out more, this is usually because they will charge you an extortionate rate per minute. This isn’t often clear until you check your phone bill. If it’s via email you may be redirected to a page where you’ll be asked to sign up and pay an administrative or processing fee. You have to ask yourself how likely it is that you’ve won a prize for a competition that you probably haven’t even entered.

  • When online shopping on sites such as eBay, amazon or one that you haven’t heard of, it’s always useful to check reviews and ensure that what you’re buying is good quality and that you will actually receive what you’ve paid for. It’s important to check that the price includes VAT and to double-check the delivery information. It can also be worth googling the company to see what this brings up- social media accounts often have consumer feedback on too! Another tip is don’t save your card details to any site- it might be quicker but it’s not very safe.

  • Never give your personal or bank details to anyone online or over the phone – or anyone you don’t know in general. No one should ever ask for your pin/password! With online dating also becoming very popular, as horrible as it is- scammers do create false profiles and lure in those searching for love or friendship by building relationships and then asking for money, whether it’s £1 or £100, if someone online starts asking you for money alarm bells need to ring. The popular TV programme Catfish looks into these cases and they can be a real eye opener.

  • You should change your passwords regularly and try to include upper and lowercase letters with symbols and numbers, having a long password makes it harder for it to be guessed. Just ensure that you don’t forget what you’ve changed it to. With social media sites such as Facebook, you can monitor when and where you’re/you have been logged in- if you don’t recognise the locations or devices then this could be an indicator that someone has accessed your account.

  • It’s important to read the terms and conditions before saying you agree, often in the small print there can be key information that could come back and bite you in the event of a problem. The majority of people scan through and just agree because the T&C’s are so long and don’t realise there’s often a catch until you’re faced with an issue. Especially when purchasing holidays and insurance- reading the small print is a must.

  • Often paying by credit card for items that are slightly more expensive is a safer option as unlike debit cards, cheques and cash, paying on a credit card ensure you’re protected due to the law making the lender's jointly liable with the retailer- however there could be fees for this. Obviously don’t get in debt but if you’re unsure of the safety of the company or site, this can be a safer option than debit card or cash, as with cash and no receipt there’s not trace and therefore no proof.

  • Sometimes scammers can be ironic, in such a way that they will inform you with an email or some sort of pop up that your computer is at risk and you need to ‘click this link’ to update your security software etc. By clicking the link that’s what actually gives you the virus, like I said- ironic.

  • Ensure that your anti-virus software is up to date, along with your Internet explorers and programs as these are often updated to ensure stronger security and remove any bugs etc. If you don’t update this can lead to a slower program that may crash, therefore it is worth the time that it takes.

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Meet The Team- Ben

  • 25/09/2015
  • Paris

Ben recently finished school, received his GCSE results and is now officially a member of our TurnKey Team!

There have been over 2 million apprenticeship starts in England since 2010, with 82% of apprentices saying that their apprenticeship had improved their ability to do the job, and 79% saying that their career prospects had improved; more and more 16 – 24 year olds are looking into applying for an apprenticeship. When learning and earning at the same time, you can’t go wrong!

We are offering Ben the opportunity to learn not only about I.T and other technical aspects, but also give him insight into how a small business runs and grows. He’ll develop skills including working independently and on his own initiative, as a part of a team, and how to deal with customers face-to-face and on the phone.

However, it’s not all one way as Ben also brings a lot to the company and team. A creative, technical mind that includes the ability to do coding, create web pages, dismantle and reconstruct computer hardware and most importantly problem solving. With a young, positive outlook Ben will continue to strive as apart of our team.

If we have inspired you to become an apprentice or to hire one, then check out the website.

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What We Can Do For You- Office I.T Installation

  • 28/08/2015
  • Paris

One of the services that we offer here at TurnKey I.T Solutions is the ability to choose what products/software are best for you and help you through the selection process. We are able to set up your phones, Internet, computers, printers- you name it.

A recent project we have worked on involved an office move for one of our new clients. Moving to a converted warehouse was a big job, and therefore meant that everything had to start from scratch. We worked closely with the company to create a plan and ensure the best possible results. The plan included discussing the layout of the office, what they wanted and what they would need. With all of this information we were able to research products and companies to get the correct software at a good price, find the most reliable and effective equipment, as well as install the cat5 wiring.

After deciding on the best possible approach to take with the offices, we were able to install new VOIP telephones, computers, a communication cabinet and of course broadband over a two-week period.

Once all of this was in place, to avoid cables being on show and being a hazard we installed conduit. With this particular office metal conduit was used, to reflect the industrial design and interior they wanted. By using an increased number of network points it has also allowed the company to have a more flexible office environment.

As a company we aim to provide the best products and service at a reasonable price. We dedicate time to researching on behalf of our clients to ensure that they get the best products, services and support possible that meet their requirements.

Following the installation, we provide support during business hours using our I.T support ticket system. If the client suffers any issues with their technology, all they need to do is contact a member of our team who will submit a support ticket using our specially developed system. The TurnKey I.T support team are notified and resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

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Introducing GreenShoots

  • 10/08/2015
  • Paris


GreenShoots is an innovative case management system, specifically developed for substance misuse and addiction treatment centers. Our client research found that often organisations considered their existing systems to be inadequate and frequently to be slow, complicated, difficult to use and costly.

As a consequence we have developed GreenShoots, a quick and easy to use, NDTMS approved and compliant hosted platform. No server is required and the functionality helps staff to do their job. All provided at highly competitive pricing - to name a few of the qualities of our system.

The GreenShoots system functionality system includes:

  • Client records
  • Bedroom management
  • Upcoming events and information alerts
  • Medication records and stock control
  • Client valuables record
  • Calendars for users and clients

Bedroom Management height= Calendar Management height= Calendar Management height=

The GreenShoots system provides a fully secure environment and works across all devices including mobile, pc and Ipad

Since launching GreenShoots we have continued to improve and refine its capabilities, whether it’s moving buttons so they’re easier to access, or adding features that you the client request.

The beauty of GreenShoots is that it is customisable, and therefore flexible in what it does and doesn’t do. We have made GreenShoots as user friendly as possible to avoid stress and we are at the end of the phone to provide any support that is needed. We also have a user guide that is updated regularly. We also offer training sessions for when GreenShoots is purchased.

“Having GreenShoots has allowed us to evolve as a company as we are paper light and can keep track of staff and client activity. The system automates information, which saves us time and expense. It also allows us to log the simple things such as client valuables and gives us the ability to track the clients progress.” - Victoria Knight, Deputy Manager at SomeWhere House.

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