Development of Innovative iPhone App

  • 20/02/2015
  • Mike

We were recently asked by Broadway Lodge with the support and funding from the Big Lottery and Avon and Somerset Police Community Trust project to design an Apple iPhone App. Titled “Recovery from Self-harm” the app is designed to be discrete and accessible to those increasingly struggling with self-harm.

The idea for the app came from the observation during Broadway Lodge school visits programme that younger children and teenagers are reluctant to pick up leaflets or actively seek help or advice from doctors and charities for fear of embarrassment, or being overlooked as attention seeking.

The app is available from the Apple App store now, and it can be downloaded for free on any Apple device, and can be found by searching for “Recovery from self-harm”.  Users can have immediate access to websites, online support groups and contacts, videos of professionals giving advice helping them to seek support and recovery.  There is also a Fact or Fiction exercise about the misconceptions and facts of self-harm.

More information can be found here  -

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